Electrician in Satellite Beach

Flexibility and quality go hand-in-hand! Here we quickly took an opportunity to pre-set a new electrical service mast for a client while roofers replaced their roof. After the roof is done we will come back and move the incoming lines to the new location under a permit and in coordination with FPL and the customer. A win for all - we didn't disrupt the roofers, and the customer gets the mast through the roof so the new roof will be professionally installed around the mast


  • We work on Residential, Public and Commercial Facilities

We have extensive experience with homes, businesses, organizations with campus facilities, churches and large business operations. We work several different evening and weekend schedules to help meet the needs of our busy clientele. If you are a homeowner who can't be available during the day, or a business owner that can't afford to disrupt normal operations, we have after hours schedules that can often meet your needs.

  • We are well qualified for any electrical repair, renovation and/or installation work

Our owner is a Master Electrician and will personally be involved in your work. Small repairs, trouble shooting and installations are a regular part of our business - from installing a new outlet, to upgrading and installing a whole new electrical panel, to fixing pool lighting and automation equipment and everything in between, we have seen and done most everything. We are also committed to doing a neat job, leaving the work area clean, and accomplishing our work professionally and with the same care and concern as if it were our own.

  • We have experience with Home and Business Automation (lights, security, temperature control, signs, etc)

We have experience with new technologies that improve the safety, functionality, and effectiveness of your home. For example, we have upgraded existing lighting that allows for control of the lights and features from your computer or cell phone. We have designed, researched and installed automated doorbell systems with cameras that can alert you on your mobile phone even while away, and allow you to talk with the person at the door or simply record the interaction. We are knowledgeable about smart controls for your heating and air conditioning, home automation systems and entertainment centers, and are happy to explore the opportunities with our customers and create an installation or upgrade that meets your needs.

  • We can conduct Electrical Audits

We often find issues that are not related to the specific task that clients should be aware of, and we always point those out so that the customer may begin to address the issue.  We also can conduct full evaluations of the building or area to look at all of the electrical requirements and adequacy of the current installation. We can do routine evaluations such as ensuring that proper connections and continuity of electrical outlets, switches, etc are in proper working condition. This can result in simple verbal recommendations or a written evaluation and cost estimate.

  • Build outs

​For customers planning major additions or upgrades, we can assist with the full range of needs, from discussion and planning to developing an estimate and work plan to accomplishing the work. We can work directly with the customer or as a subcontractor to the builder.

  • Now offering Generac installation and consultations​

​Ask us about backing up your home with a generator from Generac! 

We certainly remain ready to help your electrical needs, and hope to be considered when you next need work!