There are NO Shortcuts in ElectriCal 

Clear example of the difference in hiring for quality over price. In electrical, there are NO short cuts! 
Note the spliced burned wire we found at a local restaurant! They had lost power in some areas of their kitchen, we investigated and found issues with the neutral. Whoever had originally "fixed" the problem took a short cut and may had run short on wire and spliced it, big no no in electrical, this caused the wire to burn in the pipe! 

Poor workmanship like this can cause costly equipment damage, fires and risk lives. 

All About ElectriCal LLC takes pride in the quality work we provide, and although we want to make sure we provide cost effective solutions, we would NEVER take short cuts or risk the safety of our customers. 
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If your home or business has traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, you can retrofit to LED bulbs saving you 50% to 90% wattage use! That means:
-A cheaper electric bill!  
-Long lasting - 50,000 hours compared to 14,400 for a regular fluorescent bulb. 
-No more wondering why your fluorescent lighting is not working, Retrofitting to LED gets rid of the guess work. 
-Better for the environment 
-Brighter lighting
Call us today to discuss how you can take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting!

Should I update my electrical system? 
Updating your electrical system will protect your home from fire hazards caused by overloaded circuits. Many older homes in our area were designed using only a few circuits and not enough amps to support the entire home. 

How do you know if its time to update your electrical panel? 
- Circuit breakers trip frequently
- Your lights dim when you turn on other appliances
- Your circuit breaker panel is 25-40 years old. 
- You are adding high power-consumption appliances such as a spa, etc

Here is an example from one of our panel changes. Note the permit from 1973!

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Do you have an outlet not working at your house? Follow these most common troubleshooting tips before calling your electrician and potentially save time and money! 

1- Make sure the issue is the outlet and not what was plugged into the outlet! Try plugging it into an outlet you know works. 

2- Do you have a mystery switch in your home? It is very common for an outlet to be controlled by a switch and you may not know about it! 

2- Check your breaker panel - did any breakers trip? If a breaker tripped, make sure that the breaker is turned off fully to the off position before resetting. 

3- Reset your GFCI receptacles (Mostly found in damp areas of your home) Press the reset button on the receptacle, did you hear a clicking sound? Go back to the outlet and check if this fixed the problem!

Please note, you should only do this if you feel comfortable and safe with these tasks. You should always consult a licensed electrician should you see any signs of burning, the outlet is cracked, or overheating. It may also be time upgrade GFCI and or receptacles in your home, they normally last between 15-25 years. GFCI receptacles should be checked frequently to ensure they are operating!


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