Power Distribution Services: 

  • Main Panel Breaker Box Repair/Replacement/Upgrade
  • Electrical Service Upgrades
  • Meter Box and Pole ​Replacement 
  • Main Breaker Meter Combo    Repair/Replacement/Upgrade
  • Surge Protencion 

Main Service Power Under-Ground Conversion and Relocation Services

  • Protect your Power Line from Wind and Trees
  • Prepare for your Upcoming Pool 
  • ​Relocate your Service 


For Service you can Trust 

Should I update my electrical system? 

Updating your electrical system will protect your home from fire hazards caused by overloaded circuits. Many older homes in our area were designed using only a few circuits and not enough amps to support the entire home. 

How do you know if its time to update your electrical panel? 

- Circuit breakers trip frequently
- Your lights dim when you turn on other appliances
- Your circuit breaker panel is 25-40 years old. 
- You are adding high power-consumption appliances such as a spa, etc

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When its time to replace your Main Electrical Panel Breaker Box Service and Meter Box, you want someone you can trust. 

Your Home Electrical Breaker Panel is one of the most Critical ElectriCal components of your home.

This is why All About ElectriCal specializes in top quality replacements and upgrades that will ensure its efficiency and longevity. 

We ensure the most effective and safe way to upgrade with minimum damage and top quality  materials.

Replacing your panel shouldn't have to be stressful, we will handle the entire process and ensure a smooth transition from schedule coordination with FPL to permitting and inspection processes. 

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